Australian Car Rental Online Conciliation Service 

AFIA's Rental Group members - who make up a significant proportion of the Australian car rental industry - have committed to delivering enhanced protections for their customers via the release of national Car Rental Code of Practice (implemented nationally on 1 March 2018).

As the Australian body for car rental companies, AFIA developed the Code to provide greater transparency and enhanced consumer confidence around car rental practices, on a national scale. The Code ensures an industry standard is set and met on a wide range of issues including transparency of pricing and credit card charging practices, rental contract terms and damage assessment and billing.

If you have exhausted a participating members' dispute resolution procedure and remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the review, you can lodge a complaint via our online conciliation service. The Australian Car Rental Conciliation Service will review the evidence from your complaint against the Code and provide an impartial decision. To lodge a complaint, please complete the online form below. 

AFIA, together with its Rental Group members, see the Code as key to reinforcing consumer confidence by ensuring the industry undertakes open, fair and honest dealings with customers, providing assurance that they can expect the highest level of professionalism and integrity when using an AFIA member.

Reflecting the scope of the Code, AFIA can only consider complaints relating to rental cars from code-compliant members. No other types of rental vehicles are covered by this Code.

Participating Companies

These companies are code-compliant and bound by the decision reached by the conciliation service.

Lodging a Complaint

Customers that have rented a car from an AFIA member (Avis Budget Group, Hertz, Europcar, Thrifty, East Coast Car Rentals, SIXT, Bayswater Car Rental and Redspot / Enterprise) and have had their complaint considered by the company’s internal dispute resolution process, can lodge a complaint by completing the form below.

If you have a complaint against an AFIA car rental member you must have first fully exhausted their own internal complaints procedures and received their final word on the matter before you can request AFIA to conciliate on your behalf. If you’ve done that, please provide the following details so that AFIA can begin to assist you with this process.

Please refrain from submitting more than one complaint about the same issue. If you have any queries or additional comments regarding the complaint you have raised here, please email us at

*Note AFIA has no jurisdiction to deal with complaints against non-AFIA members and vehicle rentals outside Australia. Only AFIA rental members operating within Australia are subject to our Code of Practice and we are therefore unable to invoke our conciliation service for such complaints.

Complaint Form
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I would like the Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) to provide its’ conciliation service to deal with my complaint. By completing and returning this form I agree for AFIA to act on my behalf to conciliate my complaint, I agree to the personal information contained in this form, and in any supporting documentation or emails, to be shared with the relevant AFIA member, I agree to the AFIA member releasing my personal information to AFIA for the purposes of investigating my dispute. To help prevent similar complaints in the future, I agree that AFIA may publish examples of where things can go wrong, based on real cases, but without mentioning the identity of anyone involved.: