Vulnerable Customers Webinar Series


Part I: Recognising ​​​​​​​the Changing Impact of the Economy

17 November | 2.30pm – 3.30pm | Webinar

​​​​In the first instalment of AFIA’s Vulnerable Customers webinar series, Karen Cox, CEO, Financial Rights Legal Centre and Natalie Cameron, Lead Ombudsman - Banking & Finance, AFCA, speak with Diane Tate, CEO, AFIA about managing customer vulnerability and the challenges which require significant focus before organisations can holistically embed the fair treatment of vulnerable consumers across all stages of the product lifecycle. ​​​​​

This session will cover:

  • Identifying vulnerability and FRLC’s experience of emerging challenges for vulnerable customers.
  • Key considerations and steps when providing financial services, credit products, and payments solutions to vulnerable customers.
  • Existing obligations and the right consumer protections.
  • Expanding access – minimising existing gaps in technology infrastructure, financial education, and avoiding a new ‘digital divide’.
  • Trends AFCA is seeing in their data – complaints from vulnerable consumers struggling to use financial products and services or make repayments on their loans
  • Significant changes and new standards around financial hardship and consumers experiencing vulnerability.
  • Required policy actions & next steps.

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