The Master of Predictive Data Models webinar

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17 February 2022 | 10.30am - 11.30am | CreditorWatch

Disruptive and emerging technology are changing the face of financial services at an accelerated rate. The emergence of these technologies, namely artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud and analytics have evolved customer experience, upgraded business models, redesigned the way we work and redefined what it means to deliver value to customers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see CreditorWatch, CEO, Patrick Coghlan and James O’Donnell, Managing Director of Open Analytics and creator of the CreditorWatch Business Risk Index, provide insights into these elaborate credit risk models.

The session explores:

  • how financial service providers can use data and emerging technology to drive innovation and transformation growth
  • the power of unique data assets including B2B transactional data and geographic risk indices
  • how to build the right data talent, driving data-centric cultures and building data literacy to capitalise on their data’s value.
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