The Gear Change Required for Business During COVID-19


COVID-19, and its tragic effects has created taxing situations for almost every business. Staying connected and responsive to employees and customers has proven challenging as we adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Surprisingly, the crisis has also carved out an important opportunity - for organisations to ensure that they are exercising excellent user experiences at each touchpoint in their business.

When planning for the longer term, organisations will need to be more creative and speculative as it is difficult to anticipate what’s ahead in today’s volatile and unpredictable landscape. Now more so than ever before, customers will need the best user experience possible. Because they, together with all of us, balance on the edge of the unknown and have limited resources for any guesswork.

Watch this webinar to hear from an Australian pioneer in the field of experience design, Katja Forbes, Managing Director, Designit, Australia & New Zealand, and gain valuable insights on how can you pivot your digital service offering to have them align with the most effective user experience possible.

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