Managing Accessibility, Inclusion & Culture


For many Australians financial products and services such as transaction accounts, general insurance and access to credit is accessed with minimal barriers. Unfortunately, this access is unequal across the population, with vulnerable groups such as indigenous Australians and people with disabilities being marginalised or excluded from mainstream financial services. This exclusion has significant social and economic consequences, which is only exacerbated in times of hardship.

While managing inclusion and accessibility has historically been an often-overlooked component of organisational policy, more recently, financial institutions are focusing on inclusive banking and the benefits to society. This generally requires a shift in product design, technology, services, processes and behaviours.

In undertaking initiatives designed to increase awareness of cultural differences, diversity, economic disadvantage, and associated barriers that can hinder access and inclusion practices across their business, organisations are able to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement to support the financial wellbeing of all Australians and ultimately drive sustainable, systemic change. This is not only good business practice, it is the right thing to do.

Tune into this webinar to hear from Disability Discrimination Commissioner from the Australian Human Rights Commission, Ben Gauntlett and Senior Manager, Relationship Management, Indigenous Business Australia, Greg Ellis on how organisations can meet best practice accessibility and inclusion requirements for those in hardship and create a diverse and inclusive culture for their customers.

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