Making Data-Driven Business Decisions in 2021


4 March 2021

As we progress with 2021, all Australian businesses want is a crystal ball.

How will the country’s key industries fare as we begin the next phase of economic recovery?

The next best thing to a crystal ball is trade payment and geographical risk data that can help guide businesses to make the right decisions about their customers.

This webinar will see CreditorWatch, CEO, Patrick Coghlan give exclusive insight into the latest data sets from the CreditorWatch Business Risk Review and find out what they mean for members and the industry.

Tune in to learn how to assess the creditworthiness of businesses and pay attention to the early indicators of insolvency. CreditorWatch will also offer webinar participants a complimentary Portfolio Health Check on their customer base. This unique analysis tool identifies adverse risk factors and cleanses existing data, helping businesses make more confident and accurate credit risk decisions in 2021.

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