Kick-starting the Manufacturing Sector into Recovery Webinar



The Australian manufacturing sector has undergone substantial and ongoing structural changes in recent years in response to an increasingly open and competitive economic environment.

While Australia’s manufacturing industry was once a key feature of Australia’s economic development, comprising more than 25 per cent of Australia’s economy in 1960, in recent decades manufacturing’s share of economy-wide output and employment has fallen steadily. The industry currently contributes only $100 billion a year to the national economy, accounting for roughly 5 per cent of GDP.

COVID-19, new disruptions to supply chains as well as the Government’s recently announced 1.5bn Modern Manufacturing Strategy is presenting a great opportunity to re-look at manufacturing with a different lens.

Watch this webinar to learn how an expert team of senior ex-manufacturing CEO’s in the field has identified an effective approach to help rapidly kick-start manufacturers into recovery.

Follow the link below to hear Promentor's Lead Partner articulate their strategy, explore the major developments in the manufacturing sector in recent years and demonstrate how - with the active involvement of WISE Employment, universities, and banks - organisations can develop a ‘step by step’ triage process that will leverage a manufacturing company’s equipment, people, skills and capability to optimise job creation and retainment across the industry.

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