Competition Law webinar


30 September | Gilbert + Tobin

The AFIA Competition Law Protocol is an important enabler for robust conversations to ensure the financial services community works collaboratively on industry-wide issues, challenges and opportunities. The protocol provides a framework to facilitate discussions across our membership and guides members to operate within the bounds of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA). As a collective, continuous industry-wide dialogue is key to evolving the financial services ecosystem to achieve better outcomes for members, our customers and the economy.

As the industry continues to face significant developments from legislative, regulatory and governance standpoints, there will be an increased need for consultations, responses to requests for information from government and regulators and implementation of industry or professional standards for self-regulatory purposes. Members need to be alert to competition law obligations to avoid competition issues and anti-competitive behaviour while contributing to critical industry-wide discussions.

In this webinar, Diane Tate and competition law expert, Tanya Macdonald, Lawyer, Gilbert + Tobin, provide insight into the relevant competition law rules that members need to be aware of in order to operate effectively and how they can assist the industry to achieve the required outcomes. Tanya specialises in competition and regulation at Gilbert + Tobin, with a comprehensive understanding of competition law issues and various regulated markets.

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