COVID-19 & It's Global Impact


1 October 2020

COVID-19 has caused damaging and wide-reaching effects on the Australian and global economies. Financial institutions across the world have played a critical role in absorbing the short-term shocks of the pandemic, providing credit, liquidity, digital services and hardship support for business and their customers.

While the Australian finance industry has faced the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 with an active and collaborative response on all fronts, helping to re-position our economy in a better place than most countries, financial systems across the globe are experiencing vastly different impacts.

Tune into this webinar to hear international experts from Oliver Wyman analyse the impact of the crisis on different finance sectors across the global economy and examine the financial outlook for the financial services landscape in Australia, as well as broader Asia, Europe and the US.

The session provides accurate insights into international trends and forecasts, how financial institutions are responding to the changing conditions and what steps are required to rebuild financial returns in order to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

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