AFIA Workplace Wellness Webinar Series


We are excited to launch AFIA’s first workplace wellness webinar series.

The on-demand series gives you access to three important conversations Mel Carpenter, AFIA Executive Director, Membership Engagement, has had with thought leaders from across both the financial services and wellbeing sector regarding workplace wellness in the context of Australia's recent COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home orders impacting Australian businesses and their employees.

The series aims to help business leaders navigate and successfully lead in remote and hybrid working environments, providing actionable insights, latest trends and best practices for creating strategies that ensure your organisation effectively manages workplace wellness.

From safeguarding employee mental health to ensuring a ’cyber-safe’ remote-working environment, this series explores the key considerations and strategies that leaders should focus on to foster resilience and empower performance in the workplace.

Instalment 1: The Corporate Athlete

Offering actionable insights on building optimum energy expenditure, stress and active recovery cycles that enable you to really go further, faster with a lot less frustration, we hear psychology and mindfulness expert – Amanda McMillan CEO & Founder, Wellineux – inspire you with the latest research behind how professional athletes achieve their peak state.

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Instalment 2: Changing Attitudes Towards Mental Health in the Workplace

Erasing the stigma of workplace mental health, we hear Chris Parsons, Chairman, India Practice and Mental Health Champion, Herbert Smith Freehill candidly tell his own personal story as Partner at a global law firm struggling with mental health issues while highlighting measures leaders can take to improve mental wellbeing within the workplace and create a healthy working environment.

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Instalment 3: Cybersecurity in the Remote Workforce

We hear David Owen, Partner in Deloitte’s cyber practice, explore the key cyber trends arising from the shift to digital work, the technology challenges with scaling security for remote working infrastructures and the key lessons for organisations to consider in their go-forward approach to managing risk.

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