AFIA Welcomes Removal of FBT From Electric and Hybrid Vehicles


AFIA welcomes the Senate passing the Treasury Laws Amendment (Electric Car Discount) Bill to remove FBT and encourage uptake of zero and low emissions vehicles.

AFIA CEO, Diane Tate, said: "the Government's initiative promotes carbon neutral mobility to help tackle climate change and cut emissions. Removing FBT on electric and hybrid vehicles under $84,916 for the next few years is a significant step in encouraging Australians to adopt cleaner, greener transport options. Faster uptake means fewer emissions and that benefits us all. We also welcome forthcoming ATO guidance on when home chargers can be included in FBT-exempt vehicle packages. Our research shows charging infrastructure can require an additional upfront investment of up to $3,500."

The media release is here.

AFIA’s submission to the inquiry into the Bill is here.

AFIA’s oral evidence before the inquiry into the Bill is here.”

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