AFIA Town Hall Meeting


16 December 2020

It has been a year that has highlighted the importance of resilience, collaboration, and community. From the national bushfire threat to the global pandemic, our members and your customers have undoubtedly dealt with a great deal this year and under unbelievable circumstances. It has been an incredibly difficult time to navigate, while we need to continue to concentrate on our immediate challenges we must not lose sight of what we need to achieve next year.

AFIA Chair, Hugh Lander, and our CEO, Diane Tate, conducted a virtual town hall session on Wednesday, 16 December. The discussion focused on the developments across the finance community in 2020, AFIA’s future focus and key plans for 2021, and together with our members what outcomes we will be driving for the industry.

The conversation was framed within our four strategic priorities:

  1. Leveraging the internal environment – best practices (Codes of Practice), invigorating AFIA data, membership governance and re-imaging our member services.
  2. Navigating the external environment – landscape changes, regulatory changes and creating member value.
  3. Creating a space for thought-leadership – upcoming events, professional pathways and working together to champion a view made stronger through a unified industry position.
  4. Focusing on the future - building on our foundations, resetting our work program, revamping our governance and decision-making structure, and building the capacity and capability of AFIA.

Watch the recording of the town hall to hear more about our vision for the way we work together in the future.

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