AFIA Online Small Business Lenders Code of Practice

Lodge A Complaint

If you have a complaint against an AOSBL Member you must have first fully exhausted their own internal complaints procedures and those of the Australia Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) or the ‘Ombudsman’ and received their final adjudications on the matter before you can request AFIA to conciliate on your behalf. If you’ve done that, please provide the following details so that AFIA can begin to assist you with this process.

*Note AFIA has no jurisdiction to deal with complaints against it’s members outside Australia. Only AOSBL members operating within Australia are subject to our Code of Practice and we are therefore unable to invoke our Complaint Handling Service for such complaints.

Supporting Complaint Material
If you have any documentation to submit with this form, please send them direct to with the subject line – Complaint - (your last name/your first name).  

Member Details
Business Name:
AFIA Key representative:
Position Title:

Business Overview
Please provide a brief company descriptor for AFIA marketing collateral:
I give AFIA permission to use the above business description to be placed in AFIA member promotions across all AFIA channels:
Business Address:
Business Logo:

Please select AFIA sector(s) applicable to your organisation
Consumer finance:
SME balance sheet funding:
Commercial lending (term & commercial property transactions):
Asset & equipment finance:
Motor finance:
Fleet leasing, car rental & salary packaging:
Buy Now, Pay Later:

AFIA regularly communicates with our members to keep you up to date with industry news, legal and regulatory changes, professional development opportunitiesand updates from our Board and CEO. Please provide details below of staff within your organisation to be added to our comms distribution list. AFIA membershave unlimited subscriptions to AFIA communications.
Chief Executive Officer:
CEO contact details:
Chief Financial Officer:
CFO contact details:
Chief Risk Officer:
CRO contact details:
Senior Legal Counsel:
Senior Legal Counsel contact details:
Event Manager:
Event Manager contact details:
Billing contact details:
Members can nominate unlimited company representatives, who are eligible to receive the same membership benefits as the primary contact:

AFIA’s representation and connectivity is achieved through a combination of Industry and Advisory Groups, Standing Committees, Technical Working Groups, and Leadership Forums. These membership groups are focused on our strategic activities and forward agenda. Participation within these groups is available to AFIA Full Members.
Industry and Advisory Groups
The Industry Groups and Advisory Groups are encouraged from representatives in key leadership roles, ideally with decision making authority onorganisationaland industry positions and regarded as a key spokesperson for your organisation.
Participation in our industry specific groups (1-5), is only available to members operating within that sector.
1. Fleet, Rental and Salary Packaging Industry Group:
2. Equipment Finance Industry Group:
3. Motor Finance Industry Group:
4. Consumer Advisory Group:
5. Small & Medium Business Advisory Group:
6. Corporate Affairs Advisory Group:
Standing Committees
Health Emergency & Crisis Tactics Industry Committee:
Complaints Handling & Financial Hardship Standing Committee:
Technology & Innovation Standing Committee:
Regulation Standing Committee:
Technical Working Groups
AFCA Technical Working Group:
AML/Fraud Working Group:
Collections Working Group:
Heavy Vehicle Financiers Working Group:
Mental Health Working Group:
POS Working Group (Point of Sale):
Privacy Working Group:
PPSR Working Group (Personal Property Securities Regulation):
Responsible Lending Working Group:
BNPL Working Group:
DDO Working (Design & Distribution Obligations):
Industry Data Working Group:

If you have any documentation to submit with this form, please send them direct to with the subject line – Complaint - (your last name/your first name).  


Terms of Reference

The Code Compliance Committee is a committee of the Board established under the provisions of the Constitution.  


These By-Laws are administered by AFIA and are binding on all Code Compliant Members.  


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