COVID-19 Vaccinations & the Workplace

Fair Work Ombudsman - Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws: the Fair Work Ombudsman has provided important information that covers workplace laws, obligations and entitlements for:

  • employers and employees affected by coronavirus
  • employers and employees seeking COVID-19 vaccination guidance
  • employers and employees covered by awards varied by the Fair Work Commission during coronavirus.

Employer Guide: ACCI's new guide, COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace - Edition 1 sets out how employers can play their part in the vaccine roll out and how to navigate issues related to vaccinations that may arise in the workplace, including the mandating of vaccines.

NSW Government’s vaccination requirements for workers: Some workers are required to have a COVID-19 vaccination before they can continue to work. Find out if you are eligible and how to get a vaccination. 

Media Release - NSW Government update to COVID-19 settings | Published on 17 February 2022 | Released by the Premier of NSW.


Queensland restrictions update: Changes to requirements for confirmed cases and close contacts.


Contact assessment and management guidance: Workplaces, business and industry.

Confirmed case in the workplace: Information and advice for businesses who have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Confirmed case in a workplace information pack.

Directions issued by Victoria's Chief Health Officer: Directions are issued by Victoria's Chief Health Officer to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and keep Victorians safe.

COVIDSafe Settings Update: Information Pack for all industries | Published on 23 December 2021.

Media Release - Vaccination Required To Protect Workers and Victoria | Published on 1 October 2021 | Released by the Premier of Victoria.

Media Release - A Safe And Sensible Return To The Office As Mask Rules Ease | Published on 22 February 2022 | Released by the Premier of Victoria.


Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for WA workforces: The mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy prepares the community for expected community transmission of COVID-19.

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for WA workforces FAQs here.

Directions - WA COVID-19 vaccination program.

Media Release - WA's Safe Transition Plan to provide a soft landing out of pandemic | Published on 5 November 2021 | Published by the Premier.

Media Release - COVID-19 vaccination third dose now mandatory to keep WA safe | Published on 22 December 2021 | Published by the Premier.