BNPL Fees Fact Sheet

As part of the Buy Now Pay Later Code of Practice, Code Compliant Members agree to limits on the types and levels of fees they charge their customers.

There are a number of different types of fees that you might be charged:

*Please note that the descriptions as outlined below are intended to provide only a general overview. You should check with your BNPL provider for the exact definitions they use and fees that apply to you.

Account Keeping Fee - this is a fixed fee that is charged in relation to your account with your BNPL provider. It is charged usually on either a fortnightly or monthly basis and will generally only apply when you have an outstanding balance on your BNPL product or service. You should check with your BNPL provider whether or not this fee will apply when you have no outstanding balance.

Establishment Fee - this is a fixed fee that is charged upon establishing each BNPL product or service (you may have multiple BNPL products or services with a single provider). It can also be called an 'upfront fee' and is usually paid either when you receive approval or is paid over the term of your BNPL product or service with your regular repayment.

Payment Processing Fee - this is an administration cost for payment processing and is generally charged per repayment.

There are limits on the total value of the fees that can be charged, depending on how long you have to repay the amount.


62 days or less

For BNPL products or services that need to be repaid in 62 days or less, fees and charges are not to exceed 5% of the amount of the purchase.

Longer than 62 days

For BNPL products or services that are repaid on a term longer than 62 days, customers can be charged an upfront fee (e.g. an establishment fee), and also a periodic fee (e.g. a payment processing fee) that is charged for the provision of the BNPL product or service. These are fixed fees that are not to exceed more than $200 AUD in the first year and $125 AUD per year thereafter. You should check with your BNPL provider that the fees they charge are under this cap.

*The fees described in the table above do NOT include late fees. Under the BNPL Code, all late fees must be capped (stopped at a certain limit). Each BNPL Provider determines their own late fee cap.


Late Payment Fee - these are fees charged for when you do not pay your scheduled repayment on time.

The BNPL Code requires all Code Compliant Members to contact you before charging you a late fee, or if they do not contact you, they will need to waive any late fees charged if you make a catch-up payment within two days of the missed payment.

For example, John forgets to make his $40 repayment to his BNPL provider. He did not receive a reminder from his BNPL provider. He makes the $40 repayment to his BNPL provider the next day. His BNPL provider will now be obliged to waive any late fees charged.

Under the BNPL Code, all Code Compliant Members will need to give you at least 40 business days’ notice before increasing or introducing any new fees. This is double the amount of time required under the current industry standard.

BNPL Provider

Account Keeping Fee

Establishment Fee

Late Payment Fee

Late Payment Fee Cap




$10 and a further $7 if you still haven't paid the next week

25% of your purchase price and never more than $68.


$2.15/week charged fortnightly



$49.90 per calendar year.


$0 for 5 fortnight Little Things plans.

$8 per month for all other plans. 

Up to $2 for Little Things purchases

$30 - $110 for new Big Things customers.

$29 for existing Big Things customers.


For purchases less than or equal to $65, humm’s late fees are capped at $6.


For purchases greater than $65:

  • for Little Things purchases, late fees are capped at 18% of the purchase or up to $48, whichever is lower;
  • for Big Things purchases, late fees are capped at 18% of the purchase or up to $78, whichever is lower.




$0 for purchases of less than $25 total value.

$2 for purchases between $25 - 59.99
$4 for purchases between $60 - 99.99
$6 for purchases between $100 - 199.99
$8 for purchases $200+ in value

$0 for purchases of less than $25 total value.

There is a maximum of three (3) late fees that can be applied to a purchase.

The late fee cap is $24 for purchases of $200+, which reduces to a maximum of $6 for purchases up to $59.99


$3.50 per month. This fee is charged inline with the customer’s repayment frequency- either fortnightly or monthly. Only one fee is charged regardless of number of active repayment plans.

Up to 89.90 for new customers, and $19.95 for existing customers.

Up to $12.95 for a missed scheduled repayment

Late Payment Fees are capped at the lower of 10% of the customer’s approved limit or $250.






$250 in the aggregate


$6.00 monthly account fee for credit limits up to $500.

$7.95 monthly account fee for credit limits above $501.

The monthly account fee is waived, if you pay the statement closing balance by the due date.




One Late Payment Fee of $5.
A customer will be charged an additional late fee where they have caught up on all repayments and then miss another repayment at a later date.


Current as at March 2023