BNPL Code Compliance Committee

The Buy Now Pay Later Code Compliance Committee (CCC) is an independent committee responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Code of Practice. As part of their role in administering the Code, the CCC will monitor and investigate a Code Compliant Member's compliance, and impose sanctions for non-compliance.

The CCC has been selected to have legal, consumer and industry representatives. As Chair of the BNPL CCC, Dr Schaper’s role is critical to ensuring that oversight of this Code is administered in a fair, reasonable, independent and effective way. As another means to ensure independence, the CCC’s consumer representative was nominated and appointed through the Consumers' Federation of Australia.

Meet AFIA's BNPL Code Compliance Committee


Dr Michael Schaper 
Dr Schaper has extensive leadership and governance experience across business, government, industry and professional associations, and academia. 
He was formerly the Deputy Chairperson of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for ten years (2008-18), focusing on industry codes, small business, franchising, and industry associations.

Michael's current board roles include Chair of the Black Economy Advisory Board for the Federal Treasury, member of the University of Canberra governing council, and member of a number of AICD advisory committees. Michael was also previously the Small Business Commissioner for the ACT and President of the Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand.


Jillian Brewer
Jillian Brewer is an experienced lawyer, conciliator, investigator and trainer, with more than 20 years in alternative dispute resolution.

Jillian has held senior roles with industry ombudsman schemes in banking and telecommunications. She has also worked in compliance roles at NAB and as a solicitor in private practice and government.

Jillian's career in the financial services industry, and particularly retail banking, gives her valuable experience as a consumer advocate with insight into consumers' perspectives, experiences and needs.


Craig Pudig 
Craig Pudig has been a lawyer for more than 35 years, with his experience spanning from the finance industry to large infrastructure and construction projects both in Australia and overseas.

In 2008, Craig joined Macquarie in a business role (working in Macquarie Capital) and, four years later, was appointed the global head of disputes and litigation.

Prior to joining Macquarie, Craig was the Managing Partner of Clayton Utz, Sydney for seven years. He has held a number of other board and advisory roles. Craig has experience in dispute avoidance and resolution and an understanding of the commercial law involved in the financial services industry.

BNPL CCC reports on first year of self-regulation

The CCC has released a report about the first year of self-regulation under the Code which can be found here.

CCC Contact Details

Email: ccc-bnpl@afia.asn.au  |  Address: Level 11, 130 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000

For general enquiries contact AFIA on (02) 9231 5877.