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Before submitting the below form, please read the AFIA Constitution and AFIA Member Protocol.

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We certify that we meet the eligibility criteria for membership as detailed in the Membership Conditions. We acknowledge that, unless we advise AFIA otherwise, that details of our company and the name and position of our nominated corporate representative may be published by AFIA (including on the AFIA website) and shared with other members. We also confirm that to the extent that the information is personal information that we will notify the individual and, if required, obtain relevant consents from the individual. By ticking the box below, in the event of our admission as a Member, we agree (a) to be bound by the AFIA Constitution, Membership Conditions, and Protocols approved by the AFIA Board from time to time; and (b) confirm that we will abide by them as in force from time to time. Copies of the Constitution and Membership Conditions are accessible via the links below. A membership invoice will be forwarded if your application is accepted as per membership conditions:
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