Who We Are

AFIA is the only industry body across the financial services landscape that represents the entire finance ecosystem. 

AFIA’s role as an industry association is to drive sector leadership and represent members’ views, facilitate self-regulation through industry codes, and to work with the Federal Government, financial regulators, and other key stakeholders to promote a supportive environment and sustainable growth for the financial services industry.

AFIA’s members collectively operate across all states and territories in Australia and provide finance to customers of all demographics from high to low-income earners and to commercial entities ranging from sole traders, partnerships and across the corporate sector in Australia.

We differentiate from other industry representatives through our personalised attention, practical support, extensive connections and a willingness to tackle issues through a range of perspectives. This is matched by our members commitment to elevate industry standards and best practice initiatives that lift consumer protections, underpin competition and innovation, and drive a culture of integrity, transparency and fairness across the finance industry, and in doing so define and meet (and exceed) community expectations.


Our strategic goal:
Financing Australia’s Future: Embrace the challenges of the modern finance industry, by leveraging the insights of our diverse membership, to influence our future and drive a culture, based on integrity, transparency and fairness, to achieve better outcomes for our customers and our industry.
Our strategic priorities:
1. Navigate the external environment
2. Leverage the internal environment
3. Create a space for thought leadership 
4. Focus on the future. 

Our work program going forward will be structured within these four strategic priorities and will be reinforced by our guiding principles: access to credit, competition and innovation, and economic and social participation.

Our strategic behaviours will support what we do and why we do it: leadership, representation, insights, connectivity, and engagement.

Our values:
We’re DYNAMIC and CURIOUS, which means we listen, understand our people, re-conceptualise issues and continuously evolve to discover solutions to problems.
We don’t just say INTEGRITY and RESPECT, they underpin every engagement we have.We’re not afraid to CHALLENGE because we’re PASSIONATE about doing what’s right together.
We have the COURAGE to INNOVATE, which means we look for ways to connect our community and move the finance industry forward.

These values will underpin our organisational culture and encourage the behaviours that will help us achieve our strategic goal. While these values are for the AFIA team, they reflect the behaviours and standards across our membership and are intended to sit alongside the values frameworks of our members.

What We Do

We facilitate conversations, content and connections that deliver results for our members and their customers.

Through our policy, advocacy, member services, and industry standards, we provide our members with the opportunity to participate, contribute, learn and influence positive outcomes for the finance community.

AFIA promotes a competitive and innovative market for members and their customers through our five pillars of value:

Our Achievements

With good standing in the finance community and a wealth of industry knowledge, our expert advice, policy work, advocacy and regulatory guidance allows us to influence positive member outcomes and navigate a better future for finance.



Through our 150+ Full and Associate Members, we influence policy and regulation to ensure customer access to finance. 


Industry Groups

Through our Industry Groups we represent all sectors across the Australian Financial services industry to ensure ongoing sector-specific advocacy activities and networks. 



We actively contribute to public policy discussions with Government on a broad range of issues relevant to our industry to represent members’ views.


Codes of Practice

Responding to our members’ preference to lead and set industry standards / self regulate, we continue to drive the development of Codes of Practice for relevant industry segments. 

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