Financing Australia’s Future

Who We Are

AFIA is a leading advocate for the Australian financial services industry. We support our members to finance Australia’s future.

We believe that our industry can best support Australia’s economy by promoting choice in and access to consumer and business finance, driving competition and innovation in financial services, and supporting greater financial, and therefore social, participation across our community.

AFIA represents over 115 providers of consumer, commercial and wholesale finance across Australia. These banks, finance companies, and fleet and car rental providers, and fintechs provide traditional and more specialised finance to help businesses mobilise working capital, cashflow and investment.They are also at the forefront of financial innovation in consumer finance.

AFIA’s role, as an industry association, is to provide leadership and represent members’ views. We do this through engagement with governments, financial regulators, and other key stakeholders on issues important to our members and their customers. This includes advocating for balanced legislation, policy and regulation. We facilitate self-regulation through industry codes of practice and gather industry data to help support more evidenced-based decision-making.

We also support our members through ongoing communication, events and learning opportunities that ensure they are aware of and understand current and emerging developments relevant to our industry.


Our Strategic Goal

Financing Australia’s Future: Embrace the challenges of the modern finance industry, by leveraging the insights of our diverse membership, to influence our future and drive a culture, based on integrity, transparency and fairness, to achieve better outcomes for our customers and our industry.

Our Values  

We’re DYNAMIC and CURIOUS, which means we listen, understand our people, re-conceptualise issues and continuously evolve to discover solutions to problems.  

We don’t just say INTEGRITY and RESPECT, they underpin every engagement we have. We’re not afraid to CHALLENGE because we’re PASSIONATE about doing what’s right together. 
We have the COURAGE to INNOVATE, which means we look for ways to connect our community and move the finance industry forward.

These values will underpin our organisational culture and encourage the behaviours that will help us achieve our strategic goal. While these values are for the AFIA team, they reflect the behaviours and standards across our industry and are intended to sit alongside the values frameworks of our members.