Who We Are

AFIA is the only peak body representing the entire finance industry in Australia. 

We represent over 150 members, including bank and non-bank lenders, neobanks, finance companies, fintechs, providers of vehicle and equipment finance, car rental and fleet providers, and service providers in the finance industry. We are the voice for advancing a world-class finance industry and our members are at the forefront of innovation in consumer and business finance in Australia. Our members finance Australia’s future. 

We collaborate with our members, governments, regulators and customer representatives to promote competition and innovation, deliver better customer outcomes and create a resilient, inclusive and sustainable future. We provide new policy, data and insights to support our advocacy in building a more prosperous Australia.

AFIA’s role, as an industry association, is to provide leadership and represent members’ views. We do this through engagement with governments, financial regulators, and other key stakeholders on issues important to our members and their customers. This includes advocating for balanced legislation, policy and regulation. We facilitate self-regulation through industry codes of practice and gather industry data to help support more evidenced-based decision-making.

We also support our members through ongoing communication, events and learning opportunities that ensure they are aware of and understand current and emerging developments relevant to our industry.



Annual Review FY22

AFIA is the only peak body representing the entire finance industry in Australia.

Read our annual review to discover the work we have done for and on behalf of members during FY22.


Our vision and purpose

We believe in prosperity for all Australians and our purpose is to champion a thriving finance industry, always acting in the interests of customers and communities.

Our values  

Be the customer

  • Our future relies on the success, goodwill and health of our customers (our members – the finance industry) and their customers (Australians).
  • We believe in the power of diversity – we are for everyone.
  • To that end, we aim to create solutions and strive for outcomes we would want for ourselves. We stand for a finance industry that has a culture of integrity, transparency, and fairness.
  • These values will underpin our organisational culture and encourage the behaviours that will help us achieve our strategic goal. While these values are for the AFIA team, they reflect the behaviours and standards across our industry and are intended to sit alongside the values frameworks of our members.


  • We achieve more when we work together than when we stand alone.
  • We understand better ideas and relationships happen when we engage effectively with each other.
  • Working with our members and stakeholders, we optimise resources and capabilities to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Communication is everything

  • We facilitate new and effective ways for our members and key stakeholders to interact with each other.
  • We filter vast amounts of information and we are thoughtful and authentic about our role in shaping communications.
  • We understand what to say, who needs to hear it, when to say it, and how it should be said.

Forward thinking

  • We share a vision of prosperity for Australia.
  • We are proactive and innovative in shaping the future of the finance industry.
  • We have the courage and resourcefulness to spark change and challenge the status quo when appropriate.
  • We are creative visionaries, and we think ahead to develop solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

Purpose-full high performance

  • We are leaders in thought, word and deed. We raise standards, we guide.
  • We work with our hearts as well as our heads to achieve our ambitious objectives.
  • We work with a quality, care and attention to detail that inspires our members and delivers meaningful value – always acting with integrity and in the interests of our members, consumers, businesses, and society.