2022 AFIA Annual General Meeting


as a representative of a Full Member of AFIA

nominate for the position of Director.

I agree to be nominated for the position of director and confirm that:

• I have read and understood the expectations of being a Director of AFIA at Appendix A;
• I am aware of, and understand, Australian laws and regulations that are applicable to the role of a Director;
• I am not currently, and have never previously been, disqualified from managing a corporation;
• I am prepared to commit to preparation and attendance at Board meetings at approximately six per year, and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) (and special meetings as required);
• Board meetings will by a hybrid of virtual and face to face meetings. Face to face meetings will generally held in Sydney;
• I will endeavour to attend key stakeholder meetings, including major AFIA events, as relevant;
• I am eligible to act as a director of AFIA as a representative of the Full Member named above;
• I understand that the position is not remunerated;
• There is no actual or potential conflict of interest that I am aware of that would preclude my nomination or, if elected, my active participation as a member of the Board of AFIA;
• I have completed the form at Appendix B, and provide my current CV that sets out my skills and experience relevant to the role of director of AFIA;
• If my nomination is submitted to the AGM, I hereby consent to my details being included in the information supplied to Members; and
• I understand my nomination will be considered by the AFIA Nominations and Remuneration Committee (NRC).

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*When elected by AFIA’s membership, a Director will hold office for the term specified in the AFIA Constitution:

APPENDIX A – Director responsibilities

The following is an extract from AFIA’s Corporate Governance Charter which provides for the general responsibilities of the Board.

General 4.1 The Corporations Act provides that the Board is responsible for, and has the authority to determine, all matters relating to the running of AFIA, including the policies, practices, management, operations and objectives of AFIA.
Responsibilities 4.1 Without limiting article 4.1, the specific responsibilities of the Board include:
(a) acting as an interface between AFIA and its Members;
(b) setting the goals of AFIA, including short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives;
(c) providing the overall strategic direction of AFIA;
(d) determining all policies governing the operations of AFIA;
(e) endorsing the terms and conditions of employment of senior officers of AFIA;
(f) approving the strategic plan and major operating plans of AFIA;
(g) approving the annual budget and (if applicable) long-term budgets of AFIA;
(h) approving all mergers and acquisitions and all material property acquisitions and disposals of AFIA; and
(i) reviewing the annual progress and performance of AFIA in meeting its objectives, including reporting the outcome of such reviews.


Section 1 – Industry Experience

1. Tick each category where you hold 5 or more years’ experience at a senior leadership level.

2. Insert “H” (high); “M” (medium); or “L” (low) to indicate the level of your experience in the selected categories.

Consumer Finance (Personal loans, consumer leases, debt purchase, credit cards):
Consumer Finance Experience:
Land Finance (Residential mortgages or commercial mortgages and bridging finance):
Land Finance Experience:
Fleet Leasing & Rental (Vehicle fleet leasing and management, including short term):
Fleet Leasing & Rental Experience:
Equipment Finance (Commercial equipment leasing and other forms of asset finance):
Equipment Finance Experience:
Motor Finance (Motor finance solutions for consumer or light commercial vehicles):
Motor Finance Experience:
Working Capital (Finance solutions to support day-to-day commercial operations):
Working Capital Experience:

Section 2 – Technical Experience

1. Tick each category where you hold 5 or more years’ experience at a senior leadership level.

2. Insert “H” (high); “M” (medium); or “L” (low) to indicate the level of your experience in the selected categories.

Legal (Hold or held a practising certificate for a minimum of five years):
Legal Experience:
Accounting (Qualified by a recognised institution (e.g. CPA, CA):
Accounting Experience:
Governance (Qualified by a recognised organisation (e.g. AICD, GIA). Held Board position(s)):
Governance Experience:
Technology (Senior executive with direct accountability):
Technology Experience:
Government (Senior executive with direct accountability):
Government Experience:
Risk (Senior executive with direct accountability):
Risk Experience:
Product Development & Marketing (Senior executive with direct accountability):
Product Development/Marketing Experience:
Media (Senior executive with direct accountability):
Media Experience:

Please attach your CV to this form: