AFIA Online Small Business Lenders Code of Practice

AFIA and Australia’s leading online small business lenders have come together to release a Code of best practice lending principles. The AFIA Code has been developed with support from the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, and FinTech Australia.

The AFIA Members having a Code-compliant online small business loan product are: Capify, GetCapital, Lumi, Moula, OnDeck, Prospa and Zip Business.

Launched by AFIA on 29 June 2018, the customer-centric Code supports small business borrowers by giving them a tool (the SMART Box™) to easily compare different online lenders’ small business loan product pricing using several metrics standardised in calculation and presentation and providing a clear and concise loan summary sheet before a loan is accepted so they can see the key features of a product.

The level of pricing transparency and disclosure provided by the internationally recognised SMART Box™ tool establishes a new level of industry best practice in the small business finance segment. This proactive step was taken by the AFIA online lenders as they play an increasingly important role in the Australian economy by providing much-needed access to credit for small businesses.

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Code of Practice

This Code of Practice applies to the AFIA Code Compliant Members of the AFIA Online Small Business Lenders Group when they provide Online Small Business Loans. 

Terms of Reference

The Code Compliance Committee is a committee of the Board established under the provisions of the Constitution.  


These By-Laws are administered by AFIA and are binding on all Code Compliant Members.  


The SMART Box™ is a tool for standardising pricing disclosure. It provides multiple pricing metrics to help you better understand / assess the cost of your small business loan.

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*Note AFIA has no jurisdiction to deal with complaints against it’s members outside Australia. Only AOSBL members operating within Australia are subject to our Code of Practice and we are therefore unable to invoke our Complaint Handling Service for such complaints.

Supporting Complaint Material
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If you have any documentation to submit with this form, please send them direct to with the subject line – Complaint - (your last name/your first name).