AFIA Governance

A strong industry association is vital to continuing to lift our industry voice, building our capabilities and achieving outcomes, and creating new connections for our future. Part of ensuring we have an industry association that is future-focused is making sure we continually invest, adapt, and create.

With this in mind, the AFIA Board recently considered the challenges ahead and adjusted our governance arrangements to ensure the we adopted the inclusive and agile decision-making architecture required to build organisational resilience and financial sustainability, and to create additional and ongoing value for our members and stakeholders. This transition meant the collapse of our Division Councils into a new thematic governance structure, with current representation and connectivity achieved through a combination of new membership groups. These new membership groups maintain the benefits of specialised member interactions and ensure attention to sector-specific issues without compromising cross-industry dialogue and outcomes.

The revamped governance structure meant a collaborative and whole of industry approach was adopted in order to leverage the diversity of our membership, ensure clarity and efficiency of processes, and facilitate effective information flows between members.
This new structure also helps us create industry positions, including influencing decisions in real-time and escalating matters where there may be divergent opinions.

Additionally, the new governance structure meant the expansion of forums that create a space for thought leadership, with leaders in our membership playing a key role in building a narrative with the public. Our new sector-specific Industry Groups have helped us to bring unique insights to our advocacy activities, ensuring our discussions with decision-makers and key stakeholders are based on real industry and customer experiences from across our membership. We have been able to move quickly to gather intelligence and points of view to respond to government, regulator and consumer advocate queries as well as pre-empt issues, making sure we are best-placed to deal with changing conditions. This has improved our dialogue with decision-makers and key stakeholders and allowed us to influence the various economic stimulus packages to benefit the industry, our members, and the community.

Helping to address the fast moving and unknown variables that we continue to experience with the COVID-19 crisis, the new governance structure allows AFIA and our members to reshape and reposition the industry moving forward. As we enter new ways of doing business and understand how COVIDnormal impacts our work, our new structure is already proving a key change for the industry association.

A Message From Our Board

Hear some of our Board members share their thoughts and views on the value these changes are bringing and continue to bring to our industry association.