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 AFIA Full Members

AFIA full members are reputable lenders who are committed to ethical and sustainable lending practices in the best interests of all stakeholders.

We believe that our industry can best support Australia’s economy by promoting choice in and access to consumer and business finance, driving competition and innovation in financial services, and supporting greater financial, and therefore social, participation across our community.

Why You Should Become An AFIA Full Member

AFIA is a not for profit entity that exists for the sole purpose of delivering our members strategic objectives of leadership, representation, insights, engagement and connectivity under the direction of our Board.

We provide businesses with a range of bespoke solutions to suit the individual needs and goals of your organisation.

Political Advocacy

The opportunity to inform political influencers, governments, key policy officials, regulators and key industry stakeholders on how best to create a fair, equitable and competitive market.

Member Exclusive Events

Free registration to AFIA connectivity forums, podcasts and webinars, as well as discounted access to AFIA and Australia wide events that foster the development of influential networks with likeminded professionals, service providers, Government and industry regulators.

Self Regulation

We work together with our members to develop industry standards (Codes of Practice) in order to improve transparency, fairness and customer confidence. These practices assist members to meet community standards and their legal obligations, as well as lift practices for a better future for finance.

Membership Groups

The opportunity to be selected for a special interest group of the Association relative to your market for sector-specific advocacy focused on developing industry positions on key issues and consultations.

Industry Insight

Valuable commercial and operational insights into the finance sector by way of routine and targeted communications as well as specialised reports.

Professional Development Opportunities 

Access to workshops, masterclasses, product specific working groups, training courses and educational webinars which can go towards members meeting their annual continuing professional development (CPD) obligations.

Build Organisational Profile

Generate brand awareness through the contribution of branded content for policy papers, data reports and social media posts, and build your profile in the industry by speaking at AFIA events and government and industry forums, and engaging with journalist and political influences.

Partnership Opportunities 

The opportunity to partner with the Association as host/sponsor for member exclusive and industry wide events.

Our members cover a number of industry segments:

AFIA represents a wide range of established and emerging consumer finance providers. They offer home loans, personal loans, consumer leases, motor loans, credit cards, buy now pay later services, and debt purchasing capability.

Competition and innovation are fundamental in consumer finance. Innovation that is driven by competition, and a desire to meet customers’ needs, leads to broader choice in and access to products and services. This also supports customers to obtain finance that is appropriate to their needs and preferences and cost effective.

There is a direct link between a person’s financial participation and their economic and social participation in the community. This is what we mean when we say ‘AFIA members are financing Australia’s future’.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
AFIA represents a broad spectrum of established and emerging commercial and wholesale finance providers across Australia. Together they ensure small and medium sized businesses have access to a diversified pool of credit and liquidity that best match their needs.

Lending to SME’s is not a ‘one size fits all’ business. These lenders are specialists in working capital or cashflow support. Many operate in sectors of the economy where particular business infrastructure, technology or risk appetite is essential to meet the finance needs of customers.

SMEs are fundamental to economic diversity, growth and innovation. They support a significant proportion of Australian jobs. This is what we mean when we say ‘AFIA members are financing Australia’s future’.

Fleet, rental and salary packaging
Our fleet, rental and salary packaging members offer cost effective solutions to retail customers and Australian businesses to support their mobility, business activities, and their employees’ needs.

Vehicle leasing and fleet management services ensure that businesses can focus on providing their products and services to their customers. They provide cost effective asset management of their fleets, keeping their employees and contractors safe, their business costs down, and enhancing agility. This includes fleets in important sectors across the Australian economy, including health and medical as well as postage and freight. Fleet management is evolving, making it easy for Australian businesses to embrace changes in vehicles and technology.

Vehicle rental is not just about hire cars and ‘desks at airports’. Our rental members support consumers and businesses to move around the country safely and effectively, whether they are with colleagues or their families, in our cities, regions or even remote locations – with the cars or vehicles to match their needs.

AFIA has developed a Car Rental Code of Practice to strengthen consumer protections. AFIA also administers a car conciliation service, which helps to resolve complaints.

Using our money as effectively as possible is important to everyone. Salary packaging (otherwise known as salary sacrifice or remuneration packaging) is a tax effective employee benefit that allows businesses to support their employees achieve what they want in life. That might be a new car, new communications or technology devices, more money in their superannuation, or a range of other benefits. Our salary packaging members work with employers to facilitate these arrangements for their employees.

AFIA members are important to the day-to-day lives of Australians. This is what we mean when we say ‘AFIA members are financing Australia’s future’.

Motor finance
Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment for individuals, families and business alike. They are often a person’s second biggest asset, and, like a home, are fundamental for inclusion in day-to-day life and social and economic participation. It is rarely a purchase that can be afforded outright. AFIA’s motor finance members provide finance to consumers and to businesses to buy or lease cars, and other motor vehicles. This is what we mean when we say ‘AFIA members are financing Australia’s future’.

Equipment finance
Capital investment is fundamental to Australia’s to economic growth. Investment lifts productivity and productive capacity. ‘Equipment’ ranges from relatively small items such as coffee machines, through vehicles (like forklifts) to large scale cranes or even permanent investment like automated warehouses.

Buying new equipment outright may not be possible or even sensible for many firms – much like individuals buying a home. Specialists in equipment finance understand their customers’ businesses and their business needs and can tailor lending products to suit the firm or equipment. They facilitate investment that is the foundation for growth and jobs in Australia. This is what we mean when we say ‘AFIA members are financing Australia’s future’.



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