Our Foundations

Formerly the Australian Finance Conference, AFIA was established in 1958 for the purpose of representing its members in the finance industry. In 2017 we amalgamated with our affiliated organisations AELA, DIFA and AFLA to unite as one association with over 130 corporate full and associated members.

Together we represent all segments, products and distribution channels of our industry, exponentially enhancing AFIA’s influence and ability to grow and continue to support and promote the finance industry.

We are governed by a Board of Directors elected by our members from our members. 

Through their deep industry knowledge, our Directors promote the interests of members and ensure that AFIA continues to support your business and customers.

The regulatory landscape is changing rapidly and consumer trust and confidence in our sector is low. Now more than ever our members must connect through AFIA to navigate and shape this period of uncertainty. Our members inform and strengthen AFIA’s representation on behalf of our diverse Australian finance sector whilst continuing to innovate and drive positive customer outcomes.

We differentiate from other associations through drawing operational insights from our members to inform our representation and propose practical solutions. This way the underlying policy objective is achieved in a way that also delivers commercial imperatives and positive outcomes for customers.