Frequently Asked Questions

AFIA Car Rental Conciliation Service FAQ'S

Rental car companies that are Members of AFIA have committed to comply with the AFIA Car Rental Code of Practice.

The Code provides for a conciliation service to be available for a customer that has had a matter relating to the Code decided by the Member’s internal dispute resolution process but may want further consideration if not satisfied.

As the Code is membership-based, the Conciliation Service can only look at matters that relate to disputes arising from the activities of AFIA Members covered by the Code.

The Conciliation Service only has jurisdiction to determine whether charges related to a rental that occurred in Australia from one of its Members were correctly applied.

Customers that have rented a vehicle from an AFIA Member, and have had their complaint considered by the Member’s internal dispute resolution process, can lodge a complaint by completing the form available at here.

AFIA may consider complaints related to any vehicle rented to customers by its Members.


AFIA will give written notice to both parties to the dispute of its decision. If your complaint is not upheld, then you will be advised of the reasons why.

There is no further review or 'appeal' process through the Conciliation Service once a final outcome has been provded to the complainant.

Using this service does not affect your statutory rights and you are free to seek a legal remedy through the courts.


No, customers can use the Conciliation Service free of charge.

  • complaints that occurred prior to the commencement of the AFIA Car Rental Code of Practice, and Conciliation Service on 1 March 2018
  • complaints deemed to be frivolous or vexatious
  • complaints where court proceedings have commenced or are subject to review by another dispute resolution service
  • complaints against car rental companies that are not members of AFIA, or signatories to the Code, given they have no obligation to adhere to the Code’s standards
  • complaints relating to rentals which took place outside of the Australia
  • complaints relating to the quantum of the amount charged
  • complaints related to personal injury matters
  • complaints related to the method or cost of repairs to a vehicle.

AFIA aims to provide both parties with its findings and recommendations with 30 days of receiving a completed complaint form.

We review all comments and documented evidence from both parties, and make our decision based on the material provided.

Where the outcome is favourable to the customer, we will look to ensure that any unjustified charges incorrectly raised by the Member are refunded in full.

AFIA has no jurisdiction to award compensation payments against its Members.