Buy Now Pay Later Code Review

On 14 October 2022, AFIA announced an independent review of the Buy Now Pay Later Code of Practice. The review is due to report the findings by
1 March 2023 and the report will be made publicly available.

AFIA has appointed Promontory Australia to conduct the review.

AFIA strongly encourages anyone with an interest in the outcome of the review to make their views known through a submission. The Terms of Reference for the review and other details can be found here.

To get more information about the BNPL Code of Practice and the background to the review, please contact

Open consultation process for the Buy Now Pay Later Code Review

On 7 November 2022, Promontory released a consultation note inviting interested parties to comment on several specific matters relating to the Code, along with any other aspect of the Code that may be relevant to this review. Promontory welcome submissions from any interested parties and stakeholders.

Written submissions on this consultation are due by 9 December 2022 and should be sent directly to

This review and consultation is being independently conducted by Promontory. Submissions will be made public unless clearly marked confidential. All confidential submissions will be reviewed by Promontory only.

Comments and information received in submissions will be considered alongside interviews and other relevant information and data to inform Promontory’s findings. Subject to the information received in response to this consultation, Promontory may conduct a limited second round consultation in early 2023 on specific issues.

Please contact Promontory at if you have any questions relating to this review or would like to discuss matters set out in the consultation note.